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Doulkree 4 years ago
you could always put up a white board in the lunch room, and set up a betting board on which disease or declaration will be announced next. will it be"staff bullying?" or new cancer out break?" or "death in the family?".. maybe a diagram of her body, and all the spots something bad has came and magically disappeared in.
Daigis 4 years ago
Hello. Nice profile.
Mogore 4 years ago
THe range on that cum shot, wow fair have fun to the man.
Kikree 4 years ago
Oh yeah. Gobble the Szechuan sauce of his dick
Kazikinos 4 years ago
i found that artists will book a concert in an area, and the night before the concert,, they will check to see how many tickets have been sold. and if it doesnt look look like they arent going to get enough out of the concert,, they get "sick" its one of the clauses they use a lot